The FINEXUS Center is entirely self-funded. All the researchers are typically funded by Swiss SNF or EU projects grants. Current grants include:

  1. Swiss National Science Foundation Professorship grant no. PP00P1-172890. Total budget: over CHF 1,500,000. Topic: Systemic Risk and Financial Networks.
  2. BigDataFinance “Big Data in Financial Research and Risk Management”, Marie Curie Innovative Training Network grant no. 675044. UZH budget: EUR 530,000. Topic: Doctoral training of 15 researchers at the crossroad of Finance and Big Data. Duration 2016-2019. For this project, the Chair of Professor Battiston is hosting two of the 13 fellows.
  3. CLIMEX "Climate Exposure Tool for Financial Risk Analysis"., FET Innovation Launchpad grant no. 851876

Past funding sources:

  1. OpenMaker, H2020- grant no. 687941. UZH budget: EUR 130,000. Topic: social innovation in real and financial sector. Duration 2016-2019.
  2. ISIGROWTH: H2020 grant no. 649186. UZH budget: EUR 350,000. Duration 2015 – 2018. Topics: financial innovation and real economy growth, inequality.
  3. SIMPOL: FP7-FET grant no. 610704. Total budget EUR 1.8M. UZH budget: EUR 330,000. Duration Nov 2013 - Feb 2017. Topics: Financial networks, climate-finance and networks of influence in the policy process.
  4. SEIMETRICS: H2020-FET grant no. 649982. UZH budget: EUR 110,000. Duration 2015 – 2018. Topics: metrics to account for climate impact of portfolio investments.
  5. FINREALNETS:Individual Fellowship, Call: H2020-MSCA-IF-2015, grant no. 704936. Funds received: EUR 45,000 approx. Topic: Financial and Real Sector Networks in Europe.