FINREALNETS - Past Project

Financial and Real Sector Networks in Europe

Past Project


The Chair of Professor Battiston​ hosted one post-doctoral research fellow for this project.

Pillar: Excellent Science - Marie Sklodowska Curie Fellowship

Project Summary: Banks’ exposures to similar asset groups could become an important source of contagion when combined with interbank network spillovers. FINREALNETS aims at elaborating a common portfolio network-based stress-test framework that could find application in regular stress-testing exercises carried out by the regulator. FINREALNETS suggests identifying Systemically Important Real Sectors (SIRS) at the euro area and test stabilizing effects of sector targeting macro-prudential tools. The FINREALNETS project is a perfect springboard for the Experienced Researcher (ER) through the possibility to build durable research network, and acquire new skills which are complementary to her current expertise. Moreover, working papers, presentations and recommendations for the regulator (the ECB) will improve the ER’s visibility as a young researcher and contribute to her research career. FINREALNETS also builds a solid foundation for future collaborations. Finally, FINREALNETS by its training and research program aims at promoting women’s integration in the domain of Economic research where a traditional gender gap persists.