Past Events

Date and Place Event
August 29 - September 2, 2016, Lipari, Italy

Prof. Battiston: Invited lecturer at Lipari Summer School on Complex networks: from socio-economic systems to biology and brain. More details.

September, 4-9, 2016, Bogota, Colombia

Prof. Battiston: Invited technical assistance at Central Bank of Colombia: Workshop at Central Bank of Colombia, Program "Systemic Risk in Financial Networks".

September, 19-22, 2016, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Prof. Battiston: Participant, coauthor in 6 accepted papers, Conference on Complex Systems (CCS). More details.

September, 20, 2016, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Prof. Battiston: Organiser of the Satellite Workshop, Conference on Complex Systems (CCS) Satellite Workshop: Financial Networks and Policy Applications.More details​.
September, 29-30, 2016, Paris, France Prof. Battiston: Co-organizer of Session on Financial Systems, speaker at the Global-Systems-Science-OECD Workshop.
October, 3-4, 2016, Zürich, Switzerland​
Prof. Battiston: Participant at the Monetary Policy, Macroprodential Regulation and Inequality event, Council on Economic Policies (CEP). More details.
October, 5-7, 2016, Helsinki, Finland

Prof. Battiston: Program committee member at the second RiskLab/BoF/ESRB Conference on Systemic Risk Analytics.More details.

November, 3-5, 2016, Manchester, United Kingdom

Prof. Battiston: Keynote speaker at Session "Understanding complexity and uncertainty in coupled human-natural systems: new approaches to sustainability analysis", the 28th Annual European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy (EAEPE) Conference: Industrialisation, socio-economic transformation and Institutions.​More details.

November, 7-18, 2016, Marrakech, Morocco

Prof. Battiston: Co-organiser of Session on Climate-finance and Climate stress-testing, COP22. More details.

December, 12, 2016, Venice, Italy Prof. Battiston: Invited speaker at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice.
December, 13, 2016, Padua, Italy Prof. Battiston: Invited speaker at University of Padua.
January, 7, 2017, Chicago, Illinois, USA Prof. Battiston: Co-organiser of a session at the 2017 annual meeting of the American Economic Association, in conjunction with the Allied Social Sciences Associations (ASSA). Paper Session “New Developments in Derivatives Markets: Flow of Risk, Financial Innovation, and Pricing Models”. Title of paper presented: “How Does Risk Flow in the Credit Default Swap Market?” More information on the annual meeting. Paper summary.
January, 9-13, 2017, Zurich, Switzerland Big Data Finance Winter School. More details.
January, 11-13, 2017, Zurich, Switzerland First Conference on Financial Networks and Sustainability, with honorary guest Prof. Stiglitz (Columbia University). More details.